What is Abundance? How Does Art Help Me Flow & Make More $ easily??

Pele, Goddess of Fire
Pele, Goddess of Fire
by Darinka Blagaj. Painted on Maui in 1997, oil on canvas

Pele Goddess of Fire, Hawaii. Oil painting by Darinka Blagaj.

What is Abundance? How does Art help with Abundance?
It may be unusual – but let’s start here. You will make more money after reading this article… more accurately by – actually experiencing the FLOW PROCESS in this moment.

Art can be an activator,  a disruptor of “‘expectation & the norm”. These works act as portals for possibilities.  In this moment, just stop. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to flush out the debris of thinking.
Take another deep breath and just drop your shoulders back and stretch, yawn, and say – “haaaaaaa…”.
It’s time to just BE and notice nothing else.

Most of us don’t realize that we actually are like a radio transmitter – we send out a signal with our whole being – our body, our emotions, our thoughts, our presence or lack of it, our words, etc. When I take a break and STOP…

I actually have a chance of noticing if I’m all wound up inside and tense -meaning contracting = no money, no flow, or if I feel good and am expanding, – sending out a money attracting vibe- by flowing with curiosity, inspiration, appreciation – new awesome thoughts and ideas and so forth.

Wild Nature by Darinka Blagaj
Wild Nature by Darinka Blagaj, oil on canvas

When you STOP and notice your sore shoulders, upset and tight belly, squeezing near your heart, sore head and tired fingers and hands from typing – and electrical charge from phones, computers etc… Then you can CHANGE IT. Let the art help you. Gaze at a painting you like and receive from your receptors the energies therein.
Fell your feet grounding, maybe stand up and let your body just re-organize- maybe just let the tension flow out of you and drain into the Earth. Imagine it happening – it moves it along a lot faster, grounding is magical.

What does this have to do with ABUNDANCE, and ART, you may be wondering??     EVERYTHING.

You’ve heard you get what you put out – and have you really grasped what that means?  The art here is putting out a transmission – and you are aligning with it.
It’s actually not important how much WORK we do – or how many hours we put into something – what is important is the way we feel when we are doing it.

You are a TRANSMITTER – So CHECK IN – with yourself – and feel what you are feeling right now? How do these paintings make you feel, check in. Are you enjoying the way you feel?  What you are noticing?
If you’re noticing thoughts, judgements, issues – this is a good time to RIGHT NOW, THINK OF SOMETHING YOU LIKE, or pleases you, look for it inside you – imagine it. You can distract yourself with the paintings to get into a new space – then imagine what you’d like to experience, feel it.

The energy you put out in every second can change your experience. YOU CAN CHANGE IT. You do not need to continue doing stuff when you feel awful. It would actually be a better idea if you just took a break and let yourself off the hook for a few minutes – you will actually be more successful that way, and more productive.

ABUNDANCE – means you are broadcasting good vibes, excitement for what you are doing and are having fun being – no matter what you are doing.

ABUNDANCE & MONEY is the same thing. It is a feeling of expanding from your heart energy.
Lack, fear, and contracting energy is when you want to get away from everybody and everything. Separation brings separation. You can take a moment – STOP- and go inside yourself, to your STILL POINT.
If you are able to catch yourself feeling like that and doing that – broadcasting that – then you have a great opportunity! You can change your mind and STOP. then begin to fell & imagine something you like and feel those feelings for no reason at all except to FLOW them.  Imagination calls forth creative energy in great surges, and as you use this energy you find, things you enjoy come to you effortlessly and in abundance. And with them, so does money, or more choices, or surprises, etc.

FLOW of gratitude, expansion, connection, union is the key. When we connect to each  others hearts with our heart – the flow is a natural state of PRESENCE. and that is a magical thing to experience. Enjoy the FLOW within this art – these paintings are all originals and have magical stories on how they came to be. See next blog for deets about the paintings.

Landscape of Flow