Goddess of Bliss – detail

The Art of Darinka Blagaj – welcome to my site!

Making Living Art 
With intuitive art, a creative Intimacy oozes out of  my work, which is   inspired by a sensual openness to life. It was actually St. Theresa who said,
“Any Real ecstasy is the sign you are moving in the right direction, don’t let any prude tell you otherwise.”
Colour, form, line, space, flow, momentum are spontaneously employed. I love following my bliss and creating the path with each step, I love exploring momentum in colour, and figure, also in soundscapes, musicScapes. 
Experiencing what i call “Art Breath” daily, means allowing inspiration to guide me – not just to topics or moments of paintings, but moments of life experience itself.
I love travelling and drawing and painting in different places on the planet. The energy of the Earth is unique everywhere, and this energy is what I love to tap into and express with and within.
Eyes, Feel… See
“Sometimes people ask me what I see when I “look”.

When I look…  I see/feel/be the divine… the eternal presence. I tune into this light or frequency in myself and others. It’s a celebration of the living moment.

When I’m in Nature, it is this same energy that calls out to me and I tune into it. A nurturing vibration, exciting. Emotions are my navigational system, -how i manifest my reality. in my 20’s when I lived in NYC i keep saying to myself, “keep looking at what you want to see.” So I do!

It’s the divine I “look” for and it is the divine I can find in everything, ” db

Enjoy the site!   -darinka

Art Sex – E-book, memoir, coming in 2018.