Living Brush Sculptures – Art Makes Itself when left!

My brushes have a life of their own.
Mostly they lead a long life, immersed in colour parades, they need to be revered at some point. I may paint and paint and paint for days, weeks even years with the same brush – it will hold many colours, deliver many feelings translated into strokes of emotions, A brush is an extension of my heart flowing. It’s a conversation that in some paintings goes on for years.. A brush is a trusted ally who listens and willingly gives in to each moment of inspiration, or preparation, or pause.

Sometimes I need to just walk away – the brush is left, sometimes I clean it, sometimes I forget –  leaving it full of wet paint, and walk away. Sometimes I run, because I do not understand what has just transpired and I just need to remove myself so I can come back to it with a fresh eye.
I switch one type of flow for another, and when too much time has  gone by – I create brush sculptures.

My Brush, Darinka Blagaj

Brush Sculptures, Dried Strokes. Stiff Moments. It’s a bitter sweet feeling.

Colour excites me. I can feel it like sunlight. It penetrates more than just the  pores of my skin –  I can literally be nourished by colour.
So I paint in very bright colours much of the time. As a matter of fact, I am known for my colours. I paint and breathe colour in, feeling the flow of the energy- the vibration of each thought wrapped like a gift, merging with whimsy… breathing out feels like going down a long slide in a park, oozing contentment. The brush is constantly collecting more paint… talking… and running out of paint. I guess in a way, a brush breathes like that.

This batch of brushes made a collection of very radiant paintings, I really was sad to find the brushes dry one day – I left them for too long!  Could not use those brushes again! . I was sad to lose their vocabulary. And so I wanted to honour them. I put them in a vase and arranged then like a bouquet of flowers, ready for appreciation. It warmed my heart to experience a new thing – an upgrade from garbage back to art.

Lucky us, Brush Sculptures are now born in your heart too.
Thanks for taking the journey with this painter. A journey many would never dream of. Finding the beauty in the afterflow!
Love from The Smile Office, and Darinka Blagaj – Living Art